With limited opportunities to leave home and more time being spent indoors, we’ve all witnessed our screen time go up! By sharing content, connecting with friends, enjoying virtual concerts and jumping on video calls, it seems our online presence has been a key component to staying sane during this stay at home mandate. To utilize this new norm and uplift their followers, the Annapolis Town Center used their social platform as an opportunity to encourage some fun, social photo sharing.

Over the past four weeks, Annapolis Town Center hosted a special photo sharing giveaway across their social channels. Each week, they encouraged their followers to share something positive happening in their homes or in the community through a Facebook post. By following the prompts and instructions provided by the Town Center, participants were entered to win a $50 gift card to any Town Center retailer of their choice. 

Some of the requests included sharing a good deed they saw being done in the community, a new DIY project, an activity they were doing to pass the time, and the funniest photo they’ve taken over the past few weeks. The hope was to add some positivity and inspiration to the social universe and create some smiles during a challenging time.

Here were the Town Center’s winning submissions:


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