Annapolis Town Center opened its doors this summer to a group of young photographers to help foster their confidence and creativity through photography. Fearless Girls Photo club is founded and run by ArtFarm Studios’ co-owner, Alison Harbaugh. This groundbreaking program teaches young girls the value in owning their image – both through their work and everyday life. Partnering with local businesses, Alison helps empower girls as young as 10 years old to be confident leaders, own who they are, and be proud of the work they create through photography.

With a focus on the Town Center property and tenants, the girls set out to learn new skills, expand their portfolio, and ultimately create a final photo story on a Town Center business of their choice. The first week of camp hosted girls 10-13 years old and the second week hosted girls 13-15 years old. Both groups began with a crash course in photography fundamentals. They were encouraged to walk the boulevard while waiting for “moments” to capture as they worked on their composition, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and focus.

As the week progressed and their skills sharpened, the girls were encouraged to focus on a chosen retailer from the participating Town Center businesses. Each day focused around the end goal of creating a documentary-style story about a day in the life of the chosen retailer. The full process included a short Q&A, staff portraits, street photography, and much more. The collaboration between the Town Center and Fearless Girls Photo club was effortless. “Everyone on site was super kind and welcoming to our group, which made camp a lot of fun,” said Alison. 

“The architecture of the buildings added to the drama of our stories and being able to stay in one area throughout the duration of camp really helped the girls focus on improving their craft.”

If you wish to see the full photo story documentaries, visit ArtFarm Studios or Fearless Photo Girls Instagram.